My passion for interior design started when I was just a little girl. One of my favorite and most memorable homework assignments was creating a floor plan of my bedroom. My mind flooded with ideas of all the endless possibilities of re-arranging my furniture. As I matured into adolescence changing the layout my of room was a constant occasion. Visiting model homes was my  favorite pass time as a young adult. I was mesmerized at seeing how each space was designed and the different finishes that were used to create an amazing work of art.

It was really a no brainer when it came time for me to choose a career. I enrolled in the Interior Design Program at Brigham Young University Idaho and received my BA with a minor in business after four years. During my years at school my studies consisted of a vast range of design starting from the history of architecture and furniture to color theory and all the way to kitchen and bath design.

Upon graduating I decided I needed some southern sun and moved to Texas. My work began at Gary Riggs Home where all the best design name brands became very familiar to me. I worked with the sales and inventory department and did some store designing as well. After a few years my home once again became the sunny state of California. My expertise came very much in handy when my work began with Mia Malcolm interior design studio as a designer and graphic artist while simultaneously working at the design center in Orange County at Shine by S.H.O. I really experienced the business side of design while working with Shine and I loved it.

2015 is the year I resolved to launch my own business and every minute of it is better than the last! The constant challenge of finding and creating a perfect solution for a desired environment is what design is all about. It is what I love to do.